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Skindr is a secure communication platform for patients and dermatologists. You can chat with your dermatologist and get advice within 48 working hours.
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Get a quick and professional dermatological assessment in 3 easy steps.

1. Upload photos and chat with your dermatologist

Upload pictures, describe your concerns, and chat with your dermatologist.

2. Your dermatologist examines the problem

Your certified dermatologist will assess the problem and propose a treatment plan.

3. Receive a diagnosis and treatment plan within 48h

Get answers in less than 48 h. If necessary, an appointment will be booked at the practice.

Skin problem?
Get advice from a certified dermatologist.

  • Get professional and reliable advice from certified dermatologists
  • Receive professional advice within 48h and avoid waiting weeks for an appointment with a dermatologist
  • Confidentiality and security are our main priorities. See ourprivacy regulations for more information

"Thanks to Skindr, you don't have to wait months for personalized and targeted advice."

Annelies Avermaete, Dermatologist

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I do a consultation for my child?

You must be at least 18 years old to use Skindr. As a parent you can request a consultation for your minor child. You will first need to enter your child's details and then your own. As a parent you will communicate with the doctor.

This can of course also be used for other family members or people you are performing for.

What does "within 48 working hours" mean?

Waiting times in dermatology are up to several months. Skindr aims to actively address this by optimizing communication with your dermatologist. The dermatologists affiliated with Skindr try to answer your consultation as quickly as possible. They strive to respond to every consultation within 48 working hours. On average this is within 24 hours. Working hours means within the hours that a dermatologist normally works. This can vary from one dermatologist to another and is indicated on the dermatologist's profile. Usually weekends and nights fall outside the working hours and a dermatologist sometimes goes on vacation.

What will my photos be used for?

Your photos will only be used by your doctor in determining an opinion. Your photos will never be published.

How does an online consultation via the Skindr platform work?

1. After registering you will be able to describe your skin problem in detail and upload relevant photos via your smartphone.

2. Your information is sent to the Skindr platform of your dermatologist. He or she may ask for additional information or pictures. If necessary, the dermatologist will contact you by phone.

3. If your information and photos suffice, your dermatologist will offer you a diagnosis and treatment plan within 48h (usually sooner). Any medication prescriptions will be added.

4. We will let you know via email when your assessment is available. Simply log in to the Skindr platform and view your file or print any prescriptions.

5. Have additional questions? You will still have the opportunity to ask questions via the platform, up until your dermatologist closes out the consultation.

6. For the time being, Skindr consultations aren't covered by any health insurance. The price for this service is 28 euro. This corresponds to your own contribution in case of a physical consultation at the practice.

7. The accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment plan of an online Skindr consultation are equally accurate to a physical consultation and usually makes the latter unnecessary.

Will my photos be treated confidentially?

Yes. As part of your medical record and in line with GDPR legislation, photographs are stored encrypted on secure servers in a controlled environment. Our strict security and privacy standards ensure the absolute protection of your personal information. Your patient record will therefore not be forwarded to anyone without authority to do so. Please consult our terms & conditions and privacy policy for more information.

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