Streamline your
dermatology practice

Skindr is a communication platform for dermatologists and their patients. Made by and for dermatologists. Treat as many consultations, and save up to 25 days a year.
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A fantastic experience for dermatologist and patient.

Streamline routine consultations

Via the Skindr software you handle routine consultations 4x faster and GDPR compliant. Waste less time with follow-up treatments and "free" advice via email or WhatsApp.

Treat where and when you want

Skindr is a secure communication platform but does not require a "live" conversation. Patients send pictures when they wish and you give advice when it suits you best.

Patient satisfaction you can measure

Thanks to Skindr, dermatologists manage to answer consultations within 48 working hours . Patient satisfaction is therefore extremely high.

How does it work exactly?


The patient uploads photos, describes his/her concerns and pays online.

Patients can send photos and a description of their problem in a safe and easy way.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Works via web and mobile
  • Secure online payment
  • Can be integrated into your website
  • No transfer for the patient

Examine the photos, make a diagnosis and send the treatment plan.

When it suits you, you examine the photos, make a diagnosis and, thanks to built-in templates, send a treatment plan in no time.
Analyze the received information and photos in a user-friendly way.
Choose a default treatment.
Choose a condition from the standard ICD10 database and easily communicate a treatment plan.
Communicate Effortlessly
Choose a built-in communication template or create your own to ensure efficient patient follow-up.

The patient receives
the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Patients communicate via Skindr and automatically receive follow-up appointments.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Automated reminders

Fully in line with the
GDPR legislation

Your patients' data is of course stored in full compliance with GDPR legislation, so that you can focus on providing a perfect service.

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